First Year Students Travel through Time

Des étudiants en Technique de tourisme visitent le Morrin Centre

First year students travelled through time by exploring the colourful past of the Morrin Centre.       

On Wednesday September 18, students learned how one building inside of Quebec City’s fortifications went from a prison, to a college, to the English-language cultural centre.

Lead by a costumed guide, the students began their journey of the 200-year-old building by visiting the restored jail cells and learning about the crimes and punishments of the time. They were then submersed in the beautiful classrooms that were once part of Morrin College, which was Quebec City’s first English-language school for higher education. They finished their visit in the gorgeous Victorian library, which is still a functioning library today. 

What visit to a beautiful library would not be complete without some time to study and research? Seated at the large wooden tables, students were given time to work on a research project surrounded by volumes that span hundreds of years.

This is but one of many outings first year students experience as they learn about the rich tourism offer that exists in Quebec City.

Des étudiants en Technique de tourisme étudient dans une bibliothèque victorienne